Monday, August 13, 2012

Rivet and Sway glasses

Remember when I needed help picking out my new Rivet and Sway glasses?
I got the #3 - and I love them!!

I'm wearing no pants, but you'd never notice because my glasses are so cute.

So: good job, gang.

This is not the first time I've ordered glasses online, but this was the most fun. Rivet and Sway operates a little differently than other online prescription glasses companies - they let you try on three frames in your home before you place your order. They'll mail you the three frames of your choosing with plain glass lenses for you to try on, at no cost, and you send them back at no cost. Only then do you place your order.

Do you want to try? Rivet and Sway gave me a discount code for you to use for 20% off your glasses order, good through August 26th (so order your frames now, then contact your optometrist this week for your prescription!). Use this: CWHOUB14353DD6.

Fun fact: by law your eye care person has to release your prescription to you. Mine made me pick it up in person, citing HIPAA. But that's no biggie, right? Friends in other states who also participated in this Rivet and Sway trial were able to get their prescriptions faxed to them, or clicked the option to allow Rivet and Sway to call in for it. I always feel weird/shy making arrangements like this, but I promise it was easy.

Hey, also? If your doctor person doesn't fill out the PD - that's Pupillary Distance. Measure the distance in millimeters from the middle of the black of one eye to the middle of the black of the other eye. I did it myself in the mirror and my glasses seem to be focusing in the focus-worthy places just fine. Mine was a 62, and apparently most people fall between 50 and 70. (Are they saying I have a big head?)

Ooh! And if you do get glasses, post them on my Facebook page - I want to see them! You'll look so good, I just know it.

Disclosure: Rivet and Sway offered me a complimentary pair of prescription glasses on the very day that I had made an appointment to have my eyes checked in exchange for blogging about their try at home ordering process. Guess what? I needed new glasses. Listen, dear friends, when the universe decides to send you a gift. Say: thank you, universe.