Monday, June 13, 2011

A sock hop for the sockless

My eldest child, my sweet (particular) five-year-old, has been obsessed of late with poodle skirts. It's a funny quality in a girl who doesn't even prefer to wear any clothes at all, but she's really wanted a poodle skirt.

We told her about Chubby Checkers and how to do the Twist, but she prefers the Hokey Pokey. Asynchronous as she may be, the girl really wanted a poodle skirt.

Look at this:

Since she wouldn't stop dancing, this is the only picture I can show you that won't aggravate your motion sickness:

Have you realized how much she loves this outfit? She's so disappointed that I consign it to the dress-up box, and not the row of dresses in her closet.

This particular outfit is the Girls' '50s Bobby Soxer Costume. This website has a ton of options for girls' dress-up costumes, and they also carry boys' and adults' sizes. Maybe you're already thinking about costumes for Halloween or a midsummer night's dream?

What she thought:
Well, she plainly loves it. The one drawback in her mind is the seam at midsection attaching the bodice and the skirt. It's a little itchy, she says. Seams are such a bother, aren't they? They're also to blame for her aversion to socks. If I had thought about it, I would have ordered something in a shape without a waist seam, or at least something without a crinoline built into the waist seam. But that crinoline really does help the poodle flare out. That much drama doesn't just happen naturally, you know.

What I thought:
The costume is as good in quality as any other costume we've ever bought. It's a size 4-6, and my daughter wears a 5 or a 6, generally, and I thought this was a little loose. This, too, might be particular to the outfit I selected, as it's off-the-shoulder-ish. But really? She's happy; I'm happy. And the neck sash is a nice touch. But I wish she'd do the Lindy for me.

Just kidding. I have no idea what the Lindy looks like.

:::::::::: sent us the poodle skirt in exchange for the inclusion of the links you see above. Opinions and lack of knowledge of mid-century dance trends are entirely my own.